Logo & Tagline Selection

OFTC is creating a Quality Enhancement Plan to improve student success in reading.


Reading Transforms

Choosing a Tagline & Logo

The OFTC QEP Marketing Committee met in September of 2018 to discuss potential tagline options to represent the College’s QEP. The group submitted ideas and chose a top three to submit to the Literature Review committee in October 2018 who chose ‘Reading Transforms.’ The Marketing Committee then created three logo options and asked all students and employees to vote in January 2019 using an online form for their favorite logo. The College received 229 total votes, with 145 choosing the ‘Reading Transforms’ logo.

All who voted were entered into a drawing to win an OFTC prize. Winners were announced on February 12, 2019 and the two students who claimed their prize were Michelle Lamb (Dublin Campus) and Amy Selph (OFTC’s Little Ocmulgee Instructional Center). Candis Lanier was the OFTC employee winner.