Student Life


Your time at OFTC isn’t just about taking classes. All the living and learning you do outside of the classroom is a big part of your college experience, too.

Student Life includes service, leadership, friendships and that hard-to-define essence that makes college more than a collection of classes or buildings. It can also just mean fun! OFTC offers a wide range of events each semester to engage students, offer leadership opportunities, and just to just let loose with some fellowship and fun! 

OFTC’s new mascot connects students to their college and each other, a desire to support their college, and a way to visualize what is believed to be the best parts of our college and student body.

Maximize your college experience by getting involved in a student club or organization or attending events at one or more of our campuses.

OFTC also has many support services you assist you while you are in college! Take a few minutes to learn more about them online or visit your Student Affairs office at your local campus to learn more.