Public Relations

The Office of Marketing & Public Relations at Oconee Fall Line Technical College is committed to working closely with all College entities in their marketing and communication needs.

As the lead communication office for the College, its responsibilities include production of college-wide marketing materials; administration, design and content management of the OFTC web site; coordination and oversight of public relations efforts; and implementation of strategic marketing initiatives. The intent is to provide guidance and direction from concept to creation and to ensure that all marketing and promotional communications favorably and accurately reflect OFTC’s high standard of academic quality.

In its oversight role, the Office of Marketing & Public Relations is responsible for final review and sign-off of all print, design, promotional and web projects/materials produced by all academic, administrative, and student divisions within the college. By working through the Marketing & Public Relations Office, the college will better ensure consistency, quality, and cost-efficiency in all college communication and marketing endeavors. Requests are promptly handled.


Related Information & Policies

Student Photo and Video

Occasionally the Office of Marketing & Public Relations will take photos or videos of various programs, around campus, or at off-campus events for use in official marketing materials. Students’ consent was obtained at enrollment. Students who do not wish to have their photo taken must notify the photographer of their wishes. Otherwise, it is assumed that the student approves use of his or her image in college marketing materials.

Social Media

Social media sites are communication tools that help support the college’s mission, goals, programs, and sanctioned efforts and have the potential to create a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations. Therefore, OFTC has developed a procedure to properly portray, promote and protect the institution and to ensure that any and all interactions on behalf of OFTC represent the College’s best interests.

Request for Services

Because the public relations staff serves as the official hub for the College’s media relations, all contact with the media must be coordinated through the Office of Marketing and Public Relations.

Contact Us

Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s Office of Marketing & Public Relations is your source for accurate information regarding the College. This Office also coordinates media interview and photography requests.

Phone: 478-240-5143