Online/Distance Education

You can access quality instruction anytime, anywhere with distance education from Oconee Fall Line Technical College.

Distance education gives you the flexibility to take classes in the environment that works best for you…home, office, internet café or even during travel – business or pleasure. Online classes contain the same high-quality class content as classes taken in the traditional classroom setting. However, taking your classes online provides you the opportunity to work, play, and tend to your busy schedule of life.

OFTC offers a wide array of courses which utilize Internet resources and are classified into the following three categories: Online, Blended, and On Campus. As a group, these courses are referred to as distance education courses.

  • Online: 100% of class is taught online. Students use their computer with an Internet connection to access the “classroom”.
  • Blended: A percentage of the class is taught online. Students attend traditional face-to-face classes and use their computer/internet to access an online “classroom”.
  • On Campus: Instructors supplement their coursework with activities found online.
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    Note: This assessment is for informational purposes only and is not required for enrollment. For additional help regarding online class readiness, consult with your program advisor. Advisor names and contact information are listed on each program of study page.

About GVTC

Oconee Fall Line Technical College is a member of the Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC) which is made up of Georgia’s technical colleges. GVTC delivers courses and programs through the Internet and is an innovation of the Technical College System of Georgia.

OFTC Distance Education Mission Statement

The Office of Academic Affairs has established a procedure for review of all Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) courses to be offered in a web-based format.

As with on campus courses, distance education courses provide the information, skills, and abilities necessary for its graduates to attain primary employment; and offers opportunities for students to participate in a general educational curriculum that promotes the development of intellectual, personal and social values and an understanding of society.

The distance-learning program supports the College’s mission by:

  • providing an assortment of courses, via the Internet that offer the same intensity, rigor, and experience as those same course offerings on campus;
  • allowing students to electronically complete a course and earn college credit toward a particular program of study, below the baccalaureate level, that prepare graduates for immediate employment;
  • offering continuing education and training to allow experienced employees to obtain and uphold advanced levels of competency; and
  • supplying both full and part-time faculty and support staff who are trained in online instructional theories and practice.

For any program to be successful, it must have the full support of the college in which it will be executed. Therefore, in support of the concentration, insight, and direction of the distance education program, OFTC has adopted the following goals:

  • OFTC will supply distance-learning courses that are equivalent in quality to those offered on campus. Students must meet the same criteria as students enrolled in on-campus courses.
  • OFTC’s online instructors must meet the same criteria as instructors teaching on-campus courses.
  • OFTC will have the same student outcomes for both on-campus and online students.
  • OFTC will provide library and instructional support resources to students enrolled in distance learning courses that are the same as those offered for on-campus programs.
  • OFTC will afford students enrolled in distance learning courses with student support services as good as those in on-campus programs, including contact to admissions, registration, advisement, financial aid, textbooks, job placement and career services.
  • OFTC will work with the GVTC and Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) to supply human and technical resources necessary to consistently deliver distance-learning courses that uphold a high quality standard.