Programs of Study

With dozens of areas of study and hundreds of degrees, diplomas and certificates, OFTC has something for everyone.

Oconee Fall Line Technical College can help you achieve your career goals in two years or less, providing high-quality, local, and affordable education in 100+ associate degree, diploma, and certificate programs. Careers Begin Here!


If you like to work with numbers and have a knack for analysis and problem solving, a career in accounting might be for you. 

Air Conditioning Technology

Changing markets and technology can cause occupational uncertainty in many fields, but the need for air conditioning is constant.

Automotive Technology

The demand for fully trained auto technicians has been growing in recent years, with a high retirement rate, increased car ownership and a more diverse range of vehicles on the road all contributing to create even more opportunities for aspiring mechanics.

Business Management

If you’re interested in a career at the heart of business operations where you get to help make strategic decisions that impact the overall running of an organization, then you may want to consider a career Business Management.

Business Technology

Business Technology skills are always in demand and lay a firm foundation for career advancement in almost every industry. 

Commercial Truck Driving

Commercial Truck Drivers are the backbone of American commerce and the work they do literally impacts the entire country.

Computer Support Specialist

Because IT support has become essential to many businesses and organizations, qualified computer support job seekers can easily find full-time employment.

Construction Management

Construction managers plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from start to finish.


Learn proper techniques for hair care and treatment, haircuts, coloring, hair styling, skin and nail care, salon management, and other necessary skills so you’re up to date on the latest industry trends.

Criminal Justice Technology

Whether it’s to stop crimes, solve crimes, defend criminals or provide housing for prisoners, employees in this field are in high demand.


The need for cybersecurity defenders and builders to protect and secure systems is high.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

From helping expectant mothers get a glimpse of their unborn babies to capturing images that lead to a lifesaving early diagnosis, sonographers make a lasting impact in the lives of their patients. 

Diesel Equipment Technology

Gain valuable hands-on experience working on state-of-the-art equipment, training aids, and even the college’s truck fleet to experience and learn real-world issues professionals encounter on the job.

Early Childhood Care and Education

When working with small children, work is never routine. With new activities and challenges, every day has the potential to be a new learning experience.

Electrical Control Technology

Electrical control technicians work on a wide variety of equipment and devices within a facility, installing and repairing electrical systems, calibrating equipment, and inspecting designs for quality control.

Electronics Technology

Essential to the technology industry and its consumers, the electronics technician career will only become more necessary as we continue to rely on more and more devices to make our lives easier.

Healthcare Assistant / Nurse Aide

CNA’s play a vital role in today’s healthcare environment, assisting the medical staff and also providing physical care and emotional and spiritual support for patients, truly making a difference in the lives of patients and families.

Industrial Systems Maintenance

Industrial Systems is the backbone of industry, and upon graduation students will have the technical skills necessary to become electricians, industrial technicians, or maintenance technicians.

Machine Tool Technology

There is a vital need for trained individuals to keep industry machinery in good working order and to produce the parts necessary to keep industry moving.

Mechatronics Technology

A student who graduates with OFTC’s Mechatronics degree will typically work with a wide variety of automation technology – installing, operating, and maintaining different types of systems in process and manufacturing facilities.

Medical Assisting

Medical Assistants are often responsible for important administrative duties and clinical tasks that assist and support the doctor and other medical staff.

Networking Specialist

Networking professionals help organizations keep their computers and networks running securely and play a critical role for most businesses given the abundance of technology used in everyday tasks.


Nurses – patient advocates and skilled care providers – make up the majority of workers in the U.S. healthcare industry. The need for nurses is growing to meet the healthcare needs of a growing number of patients.

Pharmacy Technology

A higher level of education and completing an accredited pharmacy technician training program at OFTC can help you become a more attractive job candidate, advance quicker, and boost your pharmacy technician salary.

Radiologic Technology

Radiologic technologists make up the third-largest group of health care professionals—surpassed in number only by physicians and nurses. Rad Techs create images of patients’ bodies using medical equipment to help doctors diagnose and treat diseases and injuries.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory Therapists work with doctors and nurses to help manage and improve breathing in the body of patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Welding and Joining Technology

Welders have a variety of career opportunities available to them as they can use their skills to build ships, planes, construct buildings, bridges, power plants, and work within many other manufacturing and industrial processes.