Business Management

If you’re interested in a career at the heart of business operations where you get to help make strategic decisions that impact the overall running of an organization, then you may want to consider a career Business Management.


The Business Management program is designed to prepare students for entry into management and supervisory occupations in a variety of businesses and industries. Learning opportunities will introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and occupational knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement in management. Students pursuing the Business Management degree have the opportunity to specialize in Human Resources Management, or Small Business Management. 

Managers must have persuasive and clear communication skills, analytical minds, be able to digest large amounts of data quickly, and the skill to evaluate complex relationships among numerous factors. Additionally, managers exhibit personal qualities such as leadership, flexibility, self-confidence, motivation, determination, and sound business judgment. 

Programs in the Business Management department can be completed between 1 – 6 semesters. 


Job Stability & Security Icon
Job Stability & Security

Earning your credential in business management is a great choice for advancing your career because just about every industry seeks the skills, expertise, and knowledge that a Business Management program delivers.  

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Little or No Cost to You

Various grants and scholarships are available to help make OFTC an affordable choice. Ask about program specific opportunities for financial aid and payment plans.

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Tuition & Fees

With tuition at $107 per credit hour, total costs for Business Management department programs range from: 

  • Tuition & Fees*: $1,797.00 – $8,055.00 
  • Books & Supplies*: $600.00 – $2,700.00 

*Visit to view each individual program and its full breakdown of tuition, fees, books, and suppliesCosts are estimated and are subject to change. 

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Advancement Opportunities

There are many paths to career advancement for someone in business management – from work experience, certifications, and advanced degrees. Strong business administration skills, combined with relevant industry experience, can help individuals advance into key managerial and strategic growth roles in an organization. 




Oconee Fall Line Technical College has campuses throughout its 11-county service area. We look forward to your visit.

Visit to view each individual program and the OFTC campus where it is taught, in part or in its entirety. 

Dublin Campus (South)
560 Pinehill Road
Dublin, GA 31021
Phone: (478) 275-6589
Sandersville Campus (North)
1189 Deepstep Road
Sandersville, GA 31082
Phone: (478) 553-2050
Phone: (478) 553-2149


Our application process takes just a few minutes to complete, but we want to make sure you have the things you’ll need on hand to complete the application. We’re here to help if you have any questions!

Admissions Process


Your admissions application can be submitted online with your $25.00 non-refundable application fee and takes just a few minutes to complete.   


  1. Submit a completed application and application fee. 
  2. Submit official high school transcript, GED transcript, or official college transcripts, if applicable. 
  3. Submit official entrance score on a validated assessment instrument, if applicable. Visit to view each individual program and its required minimum scores. 
  4. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online at and HOPE Application at using OFTC School Code: 031555. 

NOTE: The College may accept transfer credit for other courses according to the College’s transfer policy. 

General Requirements


  1. Be at least 16 years of age.


Additional admissions requirements unique to each program are listed on each individual program page at 

Need More Info?


  • For more information about any of these programs, contact a program advisor: 
    • 478-553-2122 (Sandersville) 
    • 478-274-7853 (Dublin) 
  • For additional information on admission to OFTC, 
contact the Office of Admissions: 
    • 478-553-2064 (Sandersville)
    • 478-275-6589 (Dublin) 
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Learning Format

Students can enter Business Management programs any semester — because when you are ready to start on the path to a new career and change your life, there’s no reason to wait. 

Classes are offered in a variety of formats: on campus, blended, online asynchronous, and synchronous technology. 

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On Campus

These are courses that are taught primarily in the classroom or lab with less than 50% of instruction online. On campus courses may include lecture, labs, internships, clinicals, and other in-person instructional modalities.  

Blended Icon

Blended courses are distance learning courses with the majority of the course content, activities, and interactions occurring online but may require students to come to campus for specific assignments, activities, or events.

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Online Asynchronous

These are courses that are taught fully online asynchronously with course content, activities, and interactions occurring entirely online. This delivery method does not require students to be online at a specific date or time, and students may participate in class activities and complete course assignments asynchronously. Online asynchronous courses require proctored events.

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Synchronous Technology

OFTC also utilizes synchronous technology to offer courses via distance education means. The course is taught on one campus and then broadcast simultaneously to a classroom on a different campus that is monitored by a class proctor.

Flexible Schedule

We want you to get the most out of college and understand the pressure it adds to your life. At OFTC you can achieve your career goals and fit college into your lifestyle. We offer small class sizes and flexible scheduling.

Courses for our programs are offered during the morning, afternoon, and evenings – plus many are online where you can do your work any time of day.

And the personalized hands-on attention you receive in a small classroom setting allows you to get individualized support, focus and feedback from your instructors. Your instructors will get to know you and help you build the foundation and confidence needed for success in your field.

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Paying for College

At OFTC, we realize that many students require financial assistance to achieve their academic goals. We’ll work with you to help you obtain financial aid to assist you in funding your education. We’re committed to helping you find ways to pay for this life-changing investment.  

With the Pell Grant, Georgia’s HOPE Grant, HOPE Scholarship, and HOPE Career Grant (for students/programs who qualify) and other scholarship opportunities, many students graduate OFTC with little to no debt. 

Financial Aid

OFTC offers several financial aid opportunities that can help you pay for college. Most students apply for federal and state aid, including the Pell Grant, HOPE Scholarship & Grant, and HOPE Career Grant.   

OFTC students can also apply for scholarships through the OFTC Foundation and various businesses and civic-sponsored organizations. 

Contact the Office of Financial Aid or visit OFTC’s Financial Aid web page to learn more about grants, scholarships and Federal Work Study to help fund your education.  

  • 478-553-2131 (Sandersville) 
  • 478-274-7833 or 478-274-7940 (Dublin)
Georgia awarded over $841 million in scholarships in AY23
of OFTC students have some form of scholarship in AY23
OFTC students received over $6.6 million in financial assistance in AY23
of OFTC's students received some form of Financial Aid in AY23

OFTC students can also apply for scholarships through the OFTC Foundation and various businesses and civic-sponsored organizations. Contact the Office of Financial Aid or visit OFTC’s Financial Aid web page to learn more about grants, scholarships and Federal Work Study to help fund your education.


Tuition & Fees

With tuition at $107 per credit hour, total costs for Business Management programs range from:

  • Tuition & Fees*: $1,797.00 – $8,055.00
  • Books & Supplies*: $600.00 – $2,700.00 

*Visit to view each individual program and its full breakdown of tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Costs are estimated and are subject to change. 


You can also use the Net Price Calculator to get estimated net price information based on what similar students paid in a previous year. 

Career Outlook


Graduates of OFTC’s Business Management programs are prepared for professional positions within the business community, government agencies, health, and educational fields. Instruction and practical application of learned skills provide a broad occupational background, which appeals to prospective employers. 

Job Outlook

With such comprehensive applicable training, business graduates can leverage their skills in many different industries and positions. They can also build experience to update and expand their training and take on more advanced roles.   

job placement rate for OFTC graduates within the graduation year (AY22)
in-field job placement rate for OFTC graduates within the graduation year (AY22)
of OFTC students enrolled are First Generation college students (AY23)

Program Benefits

Skills Learned


  • Supervise others 
  • Decide the daily priorities of the business or office 
  • Delegate project 
  • Coordinate teams to meet the goals of the organization 
  • Planning and decision making 
  • Employee training  
  • Labor relations 
  • Employee evaluation 
  • Employee counseling and disciplinary action 

Job Titles


  • Supervisor 
  • Human Resource manager 
  • Office Manager 
  • Project Coordinator 
  • Administrative Assistant 


Diverse Settings


  • Large and small businesses 
  • Government agencies 
  • Health care facilities 
  • Education institutions 
  • Logistics companies 
  • Hospitality Industry (restaurants, catering, etc.) 

Graduate Testimonials

“OFTC’s business management program helped me achieve the goals I’ve attained today, including becoming the General Manager of a local hotel. OFTC’s online Business Management program allowed me the ability to work and attend school at the same time. My instructors really personalized the experience by catering to my learning-style; they allowed me time to process the concepts and the principles of business, which allowed me to truly grasp the knowledge required for my degree.

Christian Washington
OFTC Graduate