Tuition & Fees

Financing your education is an important investment, and we encourage you to review the costs involved with your education.

Georgia residents pay $107 per credit hour. Out-of-state students’ tuition rates are calculated at twice the resident tuition fees rate. International students’ tuition rates are calculated at four times the resident tuition fees rates.

Students who are legal residents of the state of Georgia under the regulations of the State Board of The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) shall pay tuition and fees at the state resident rate. A legal resident has resided in the state of Georgia for 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of class.

Academic Program Tuition

Beginning Fall 2024 (202512)
Note: Rates are subject to change.

TuitionFeesHOPEAmount Due
at Registration

Cost of Attendance

Budget Components for Dependent student 

Tuition and Fees$3,380.00
Food and Housing$14,301.00
Books, Course Materials, Supplies and Equipment$914.00
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses$937.00

Budget Components for Independent student 

Tuition and Fees$3,380.00
Food and Housing$28,602.00
Books, Course Materials, Supplies and Equipment$914.00
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses$1,875.00

Commercial Truck Driving Program

In-state tuition for transportation programs is $132.00 per credit hour:

Commercial Truck Driving Tuition (9 credit hours) $1,251.00
HOPE & SWIG($2,000.00)
Student’s Balance$0.00
Total Tuition & Fees$1,950.00

Students will be responsible for fees associated with obtaining the motor vehicle report, physical/drug screening, and licensure. Books are required, but not included in this total.

Residency and Waivers

The tuition listed is for Georgia residents only. Tuition for a non-resident student is double the amount of a resident student. See rules governing legal residency status.

Foreign students pay four times the tuition required for Georgia residents. This applies to non-immigrant aliens, those on I-20 Foreign Student VISAs, and other foreign non-immigrant personnel. Foreign immigrants who are permanent residents pay the same tuition as citizens of Georgia.

Residents of Georgia who are 62 years of age or older may request a waiver of tuition only. This policy applies to regular and institutional credit courses only. It does not apply to continuing education courses, noncredit courses, or seminars. If tuition is waived under this policy, admission will be granted on a space-available basis. Senior citizens must meet all other admissions requirements as specified in the College catalog. Proof of age must be presented at registration to receive a fee waiver.

NOTE: Tuition and fees are subject to change.

View OFTC’s Academic Catalog & Handbook for additional financial information.


Beginning Fall 2024 (202512)
Note: Rates are subject to change.

Application Fee

A student’s first admission application for any credit course must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $25.00. The Application Fee is waived for Joint and Dual Enrollment students only.

Other Fees Due at Registration

FeeAmount Per Semester
Registration Fee$ 70.00
Activity Fee***$ 45.00
Campus Safety Fee$ 45.00
Accident Insurance$ 6.00
Special Instructional Fee$ 60.00
Instructional Technology Fee****$ 110.00
Facility Fee$ 70.00
Total Fees$406.00

***The Student Activity fee is waived for totally online students.
****Dual Enrollment Students are exempt from paying the Instructional Technology Fee.

Additional Fees (which may be due at registration)

  • A NON-REFUNDABLE Late Registration Fee of $45.00 is assessed after classes begin.
  • All Allied Health, Early Childhood Care and Education and Cosmetology students must pay an annual $12.00 clinical liability insurance fee.
  • CTD students will be assessed a Fuel Surcharge of $225.00 and a drug test fee of $68.00.
  • Other programs may have additional costs. Allied Health and ECCE Students are required to pay a $22.00 lab fee to cover the cost of their CPR card and a drug screen fee of $50.00.
  • All science lab courses require a $25.00 per course fee for lab supplies.
  • Please check the OFTC Catalog which includes information by program regarding criminal background check fees, drug screen fees, and testing fees.
  • Certain programs may have additional costs.  Those costs are listed online on the individual program pages or the OFTC Catalog.
Returned Check Charge$30.00
Award Replacement$25.00
Exemption Fee$80.00
Transcript Fee$10.00
Graduation Fee$40.00
Replacement ID Fee$  5.00
TEAS Exam Fee$80.00

NOTE: Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Books and Supplies Statement

Books and supplies are additional out-of-pocket expenses. Unless the student has financial aid or student loans, they must be prepared to purchase books and supplies. These expenses should not be included with payments for tuition and other related expenses. Such expenses may range from $300 to $700 per semester. The cost of books and supplies depends on the student’s major and their class load.

Proctored Exam Charges

OFTC does not assess any charges for OFTC distance education students’ proctoring services. OFTC students requesting proctoring services at other TCSG institutions will not be assessed proctoring fees, nor will OFTC assess proctoring fees for a student requesting proctoring services provided the student is enrolled at a TCSG college.

OFTC students choosing proctoring services to be rendered by a non-TCSG college or organization may be assessed a proctoring fee at the discretion of the non-TCSG college or organization.

OFTC charges $80.00 to administer proctored exams to students who are not enrolled at TCSG institutions.

View OFTC’s Academic Catalog & Handbook for additional financial information.