Passionate About Trucks, OFTC’s Jocelyn White Trains for Career in Diesel Technology 

OFTC Diesel equipment Technology student, Jocelyn White.

OFTC –She’d spent many days under the hood of a truck, helping her dad maintain the diesel engine he’d use to haul freight. But this day, something was different.  

Jocelyn White was nearing the end of her senior year, uncertain about her future and the path she should take. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I decided I’d go to school for cosmetology since it was something I was interested in,” she shared.  

Then one night she was under the hood of her dad’s big rig, realizing how much she was going to miss it. Right then, it was crystal clear. White wanted to pursue a career as a diesel mechanic and continue doing what she loves – maintaining diesel engines.  

“My mom graduated from OFTC’s Early Childhood program and really encouraged me to check out the programs there,” White shared. “The more I learned about OFTC – the small classes, affordable tuition, hands-on learning environment – the more I wanted to make OFTC my choice.”  

Obtaining the Knowledge 

She enrolled in the Diesel Equipment Technology program and started taking classes in the fall.  

“She’s a dedicated student, committed to learning all she can,” shared Brent Redfern, OFTC’s Diesel Equipment Technology instructor. “During the first five weeks of class, she completed 15-weeks’ worth of lab assignments.”  

White’s goal is to help her dad run his trucking company one day. She plans to become a diesel technician and obtain her Commercial Driver’s License so she can help keep the trucks running for her dad and haul freight.  

“I want to know more about trucks and understand them more,” she said. “The more I know about them, the more I’m going to be able to help my dad and his business.”  

Pursuing her Passion 

Since she’s been around trucks most her life, White’s familiar with the ins and outs of diesel engines but says there’s more to learn.  

“I love the work, even if I don’t completely understand it right now,” she said. “I like when I figure out something I couldn’t understand before and then put it to use when I’m on the job helping my dad.”  

One thing White enjoys about her classes is the hands-on application. “It’s one thing to see a truck model in a book or on a screen and something else entirely when you’re actually looking at a truck,” she said. “They look differently on a screen than they do in person.”  

Excited about her future and determined to learn as much as she can, White says she knows OFTC is equipping her with the knowledge and skills to be successful, “it’s just going to take time.”  

“Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do,” she said. “No matter what, as long as you’re following God, there’s nothing you can’t do.” 

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