Geneve Steverson, OFTC Sonography student
Looking for Fast-Paced Career Training, Geneve Steverson Opts for OFTC’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

OFTC – Geneve Steverson knew the importance of higher education. But as a young wife and mother, she wanted something quick, local, and affordable.   “I originally started college at another school to become a veterinarian,” Steverson said. “But I soon realized I didn’t want to be in school for eight years, so I decided to […]

Seventeen OFTC Students Awarded TOOLS to Help Jumpstart Careers

OFTC – Seventeen Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) students were awarded the program specific tools they’ll need to jump-start their careers during the 25th annual Tools for Outstanding Occupational Leadership Students (TOOLS) Program. While students are typically honored with a banquet, the threat of inclement weather forced the college to cancel the event. Students […]

CTD driving range
Truck Driving Students Ready to Hit the Pavement with New Driving Range in Dublin 

Dublin, Ga., (OFTC) —Commercial Truck Driving students at Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) Dublin Campus are now training on the college’s new driving range which just wrapped up a six-month long construction process.   The new range sits adjacent to the campus in Dublin and allows students to practice their skills before driving on […]