Looking for Fast-Paced Career Training, Geneve Steverson Opts for OFTC’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

OFTC – Geneve Steverson knew the importance of higher education. But as a young wife and mother, she wanted something quick, local, and affordable.  

“I originally started college at another school to become a veterinarian,” Steverson said. “But I soon realized I didn’t want to be in school for eight years, so I decided to pursue a career in sonography.” 

When she learned about Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) diagnostic medical sonography program, Steverson knew it made sense to pursue her degree there.  

“OFTC is close to home which allows me to have a shorter commute and still live at my house,” she said. “And sonography is a fast-paced program which was an important factor to me since I had a family.”  

Hands-on Environment 

Once enrolled in the program, Steverson was pleased with the small size of her cohort and the hands-on experience she obtained in both the lab and clinical settings.  

“When you have a hands-on program like sonography, it helps that your class size is small,” Steverson shared. “You’re able to get close with your classmates, have more one-on-one instruction, and experience more opportunities for hands-on application.” 

A self-proclaimed hands-on learner, Steverson says OFTC’s program is perfect for those who opt for a more involved approach to learning like her.  

“In my opinion, the only way to learn sonography is to have your hand on the probe,” she said. “You can watch someone scan and learn the anatomy you’re seeing, but hands-on is the only way you will figure out how to obtain the images you need.” 

“If you’re a student that learns best in this way, OFTC’s program is the perfect fit for you,” she says. 

Focused on Employability 

The diagnostic medical sonography program at OFTC also focuses on employability, Steverson shared. “The program is preparing you to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in either the hospital or doctor’s office setting.”  

“Students are required to have a certain number of clinical hours in a hospital or a doctor’s office environment, and we’re required to complete clinical and lab competencies to ensure we can perform exams which meet certain standards,” she added.  

And at the conclusion of the program, some students have already met licensure requirements and have secured employment.  

A Bright Future 

After graduation, Steverson plans to work in obstetrics and gynecology, an area that holds special meaning for her since she gave birth to her son while enrolled in the program.  

“My husband and son are my motivators and have gotten me where I am today,,” she said. “My son is my special motivator to be in OB since I was pregnant with him while I was in the program.”  

Steverson is confident the sacrifices she’s made to accomplish her goals will be worth it.  

“This program becomes your full-time job, and you may have to devote more time than other students,” she said. “It will not be easy, and some days will be a challenge. It will take away from your family time, but once you graduate it will be worth it.”  

Steverson says she wants others to know they can do it too.  

“You can complete this program no matter what you are facing, and you can overcome any obstacles in your life,” she said. “Age shouldn’t stop you and it’s never too late to go back to school.”  

“Let my story encourage you to better yourself,” she added. “And don’t think you can’t do it – you can!”  

Steverson graduated from the program in December 2023 and is now employed at the Medical Center in Dublin.  

To learn more about OFTC’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program, or any of the other 130+ programs of study available, visit the college’s website, OFTC.edu


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