Eligibility for Disability Services

Oconee Fall Line Technical College offers accommodations and services to eligible current and prospective students. A person with a disability is any person who:

  • Has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more life activities including, but not limited to, walking, talking, seeing, hearing, reading, breathing, learning, and working.
  • Has a record of such impairment.
  • Is regarded as having such an impairment.

In order to receive and maintain services, a student with a disability must:

  • Be otherwise qualified for admission to or participation in a program of study with or without a reasonable accommodation.
  • Disclose (notify) and provide the appropriate documentation to the Director of Student Affairs or the Disability Coordinator. Appropriate documentation includes medical or psychological evaluations not more that 3 years old which contain intellectual and achievement scores, strengths and weaknesses related to classroom performance, and recommendations for academic accommodations. All costs associated with obtaining appropriate documentation are the responsibility of the student or applicant.

Pre-enrollment testing accommodations must be requested prior to testing. Classroom accommodations must be requested prior to the beginning of each term.

Note: When requesting a Sign Language Interpreter, please allow several weeks prior to your desired class in order to secure a suitable interpreter.