Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives

Oconee Fall Line Technical College is committed to providing all employees, students, and visitors with a safe and secure workplace and academic setting. The possession, carrying, and/or transportation of firearms, weapons, and explosive materials on our campuses is governed by Georgia state law. All individuals are expected to comply with these laws.

On April 13, 2022 the Governor of Georgia signed the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act which allows any person who is not prohibited by law from possessing a handgun or long gun to have or carry on his or her person a weapon in locations authorized by state law without a permit or license.

However, there are exceptions to this law, and OCGA 16-11-127.1 places restrictions on who can carry weapons on school grounds and where weapons cannot be taken. This document provides information about the law and exceptions to the law.

Please read and understand the information provided. It is the responsibility of the lawful weapons carrier to comply with the law.

Elements of the law (OCGA 16-11-127.1)

  • Must be a lawful weapons carrier
  • Applies to anyone on campus
  • Applies only to handguns (revolvers and pistols)
  • Authorized in any building or on real property (buildings or land) owned or leased by the college, EXCEPT:
    • Rooms or spaces being used for classes related to a college or career academy, or other specialized school
    • Rooms or spaces being used for classes in which high school students are enrolled through a dual enrollment program
    • Faculty, staff or administrative offices
    • Rooms where disciplinary hearings are conducted
  • Must be CONCEALED – carried in such a fashion it does not actively solicit the attention of others and is not prominently, openly, and intentionally displayed… substantially covered by an article of clothing, or carried within a bag of nondescript nature

Again, it is the responsibility of the lawful weapons carrier to know the law and follow it at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can weapons be secured when not being carried on campus by a lawful weapons carrier?
    Secured in the gun owner’s vehicle. We will not provide weapons storage facilities.
  • What kind of weapon can I carry on campus?
    The law only allows a lawful weapons carrier to carry a concealed handgun on campus. No other weapons are allowed.
  • So where can I carry a weapon on campus?
    Basically, if you are a lawful weapons carrier, you can have a weapon in your vehicle; you can carry it concealed in common areas on campus. You cannot carry it into any office or administrative area; you cannot carry it into any classroom used to teach dual-enrollment (high school) students; and you cannot carry it into any room used to conduct disciplinary hearings.
  • How will anyone know whether a class has dual enrollment students in it?
    It is incumbent upon the lawful weapons carrier to determine when these conditions exist and not violate the law. Students may ask their fellow classmates if anyone is a dual enrollment or high school student, however, fellow students are not required to identify themselves as dual enrollment, high school student.
  • What happens when high school (or younger) students are in common areas?
    The prohibition only applies to rooms or spaces being used for classes in which high school students are enrolled through a dual enrollment program. It does not apply to common areas where these students, children, or visitors may be present.
  • What is penalty for violation?
    See OGCA 16-11-127.1. Any lawful weapons carrier who violates this law shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Any person who is not a lawful weapons carrier who is in violation is guilty of a felony. Any person convicted of this law involving a dangerous weapon or machine gun is guilty of a felony.