Steps to Apply for OFTC Dual Enrollment

Complete EACH of the following steps
in order WITHOUT SKIPPING any step to
APPLY for the OFTC Dual Enrollment Program.

Step 1:

Meet with high school guidance counselor and get approval to participate in the Dual Enrollment (DE) program.

Step 2:

Once approved, ask high school guidance counselor to send high school transcript or test scores to OFTC’s high school initiatives representative, based on county of residence.

Admissions Requirements

Students are required to meet one of the placement score requirements below:

FOR Degree Level Core ClassesReadingWritingMath
High School GPA 2.6 or higher
SAT & PSAT171721
FOR Technical ProgramsReadingWritingMath
High School GPA 2.0 or higher
SAT & PSAT161518

Step 3:

Complete online OFTC Dual Enrollment Admissions Application. (Be sure to select high school student as student type.)

Step 4:

Complete online OFTC Dual Enrollment Academic Acknowledgement Form and Photo Release.

Step 5:

Complete the annual Dual Enrollment funding application online.

Step 6:

Contact Jennifer Todd or Eriana Jackson to confirm dual enrollment registration for OFTC classes.