Cyber Focused, OFTC’s Jamieson Kotey Prepares for Computer Support Specialist Career

Finding his way around a computer, software, or app has always been easy for Jamieson Kotey, and he’s always finding ways to help others navigate through the high-tech cyber world.  

When he would think about a career, he knew computer support was the field for him.  

“My goals are to become a Computer Support Assistant and find a job where I can assist people in becoming better at navigating apps and the internet,” Kotey shared.  

“There’s a lot of information out there to help people navigate through computer software and applications; knowing the best method for getting started is a challenge and I want to make that easier for people,” he added.  

A Firm Foundation 

Kotey started taking classes toward his associate degree in Computer Support Specialist at Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) after hearing about the college from a former teacher and through local advertising. 

“I’d heard of the college’s reputation and it was positive,” he said, “and I knew if I wanted to become a computer support assistant I would need to expand my knowledge in this field, so I enrolled at OFTC and it was the best decision I could have made to help me reach my goals.”  

While Kotey is nearing the end of his program, he says both the instructors and material have been his favorite part about his college experience. “The staff and instructors are the best part of OFTC,” he said. “The opportunities I’ve had in class to expand my knowledge through discussions and getting to know my peers has been very positive for me.”  

“Problem solving is a big part of computer support and that’s something we do every day in class. I know this is preparing me to accomplish my goals.” 

Skills to Build On  

Currently Kotey works as a library assistant and says he can already see how his skills are translating into the workplace.  

“I am serving the community and helping people with technical problems and my classes have helped me learn how to help people with a variety of computer skills.”  

To learn more about OFTC’s Computer Support Specialist program or the other 130+ programs available, visit the college’s website,  


OFTC is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia