Angelique Carlyle Prepares for Successful Career in Business Technology

OFTC –Angelique Carlyle enjoyed her career in warehouse and logistics. She’d worked in shipping and Information Technology for more than fifteen years but knew she wanted to go further in her career.  

In order to move ahead, Carlyle knew she needed to expand her skillset in business related fields and computers. So, she enrolled in Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC’s) Business Technology Diploma program. 

“I had previously attended OFTC for other studies and really enjoyed the atmosphere and my classes,” Carlyle shared.  

She knew OFTC’s tuition was affordable and that she could obtain the knowledge and skills she needed to further her career there, plus they offered flexible schedules and various learning formats, so making the decision to return to OFTC was an easy one.  

Carlyle started Business Technology classes in the spring and is confident her decision will pay off.  

“My goal is to focus on understanding the industry so that I can advance to a management level position and grow with a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much as I can,” she said.  

The hands-on learning activities in her classes have already impacted Carlyle’s confidence in her future.  

“My classes are preparing me for the goals I have set for myself,” Carlyle shared. “The hands-on training, classroom discussions and role-playing help me get that ‘real-life’ experience that happens in a working environment.”  

Excited and hopeful for her future, Carlyle hopes others will see her story and be motivated to chase their dreams and take advantage of the opportunities available to help them to further in their careers.  

Carlyle has 2 semesters left before she completes her program of study. 

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