Travis Jackson Trailblazes His Way Toward New Career 

Travis Jackson, Electrical Control Technology student

Dublin, GA., (OFTC) — After listening to a customer explain the ins and outs of his job as an industrial electrician, Travis Jackson started seriously thinking about a career change.  

But as a full-time employee and father, did it really make sense to start something new?  

Jackson was familiar with Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) and their flexibility which would allow him to continue working and tend to his familial responsibilities.  

“When I really thought about it, I realized there is no time like the present, and the years are flying by,” Jackson said. “It was time for me to show and prove that I wanted to further my education and learn a skill that would translate into new opportunities to better myself.”  

Making it Work 

Jackson signed up for OFTC’s Electrical Control Technology Program which trains students to become Electrical Control technicians. These technicians work on a variety of equipment and devices within a facility and perform preventative maintenance on many of the electrical systems and controls used in today’s industries.  

Businesses and other organizations depend on complex electronic and electrical equipment and cannot allow machinery to sit idle – that’s why industries need workers trained to install and repair electrical systems, calibrate equipment, inspect designs for quality control, and troubleshoot wiring issues. 

Jackson plans to use the skills and training he acquires from OFTC to start a new career path and one day open up his own business.  

“OFTC’s class hours are flexible so I knew I could make it work with my work schedule,” Jackson shared. “And with the availability of online classes, it made it manageable.” 

A Supportive Environment 

Once he started his classes, Jackson immediately dug into the material he was learning. 

“The hands-on aspect of these classes has been really helpful for my learning,” he said. “Working day-to-day with the same equipment that’s used in the workforce is very essential to my success because when I start working in-field, I’ll be familiar with the tools and machines I’m using.”  

Jackson says he feels like his instructors truly want him to succeed. “I want to become an expert in this field, and possibly start my own business one day,” he said. “As I work toward this goal, I really feel the support from OFTC. The instructors want to see you succeed and are always lending a helping hand. They allow you to learn from your mistakes with no criticism. And that’s essential to my success as a student.” 

Growing in Confidence 

Confident in his decision to further his education, Jackson knows OFTC is preparing him with the highest standards. “The job market right now is very competitive, so OFTC is held to high standards as they seek to meet the needs of local industry.” 

“Going back to school is not as hard as it seems, so I hope people who have been out of school for a while will think about giving it a chance,” he added. “If you make an effort, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.”  

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