Federal Work Study

Program Overview

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a financial aid program that provides a limited number of part-time job opportunities for Title IV eligible students, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses when not in class. Positions are primarily on campus, but there are some off-campus jobs, typically in a local school system or with a local community service group or agency.

  • Work up to 19.5 hours/week, with a flexible schedule that doesn’t interfere with classes.
  • Eligibility based on current FAFSA; must be eligible for Pell and enrolled in a Pell-eligible program of study.
  • To qualify, student must be in good academic standing and maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Student must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours each semester to participate. A student who withdraws from a course or otherwise falls below the 6-hour minimum during a semester must stop working immediately.
  • No prior work experience necessary. Work Study can be a great way to gain valuable experience and establish employment history.
  • Criminal background screening required prior to employment.
  • Current hourly rate is $9/hour for all positions. Paychecks are issued on a monthly basis.
  • Note: Positions are filled depending on availability of jobs and money to fund positions, and a position may not be available in your preferred area or department. You may be required to interview with potential supervisors, and applicants’ skills, qualifications, experience, and program of study may be considered during the hiring process. Although we strive to employ as many students as possible, completing the FWS application does not guarantee you will receive a job.
  • Applicants must complete employment and tax forms as well as a criminal background check before beginning work.
  • As with any other job, if hired for Work Study, you will be expected to come to work on time, call your supervisor if unable to work, present yourself in a professional manner, not study or do schoolwork on the job, and complete tasks in a timely manner. Failure to adhere to policies may cause loss of your Federal Work Study job.

Federal Work Study Positions

Please come see one of our staff members in Student Life to learn more about any of the Federal Work Study job openings listed below, and to get started with the application process.

Available positions include*:

South Campus (Dublin):

  • Continuing Ed. Receptionist – Porter Center
  • Financial Aid Customer Service  –  Stewart
  • Event Set-up & Support – Porter
  • Bookstore – Stewart

North Campus (Sandersville):

  • Library
  • Student Affairs
  • Maintenance
  • Business & Industry
  • Welding

* Subject to change. The earlier in the semester you apply, the more opportunities available.


Complete and submit OFTC’s Federal Work Study Application, or pick up an application from Janet Smith on South Campus (Louie Livingston Hall (LLH), Rm# 121K) or Susan Hammock on North Campus (Room 101, in Student Affairs). to pick up an application.

Federal Work Study Orientation

Students who have been approved for employment through the Federal Work Study program at OFTC are required to complete the OFTC Federal Work Study Orientation before starting work. Please review the Orientation for a general overview of the primary requirements, responsibilities, expectations, and processes of our FWS program, and be sure to sign and submit the verification page included at the end.

Contact Information

For students interested in a FWS position, please contact:

North Campus (Sandersville)South Campus (Dublin)
Susan Hammock
Room 101, in Student Affairs office suite
(478) 240-5162
Janet Smith
Louie Livingston Hall (LLH), Rm# 121K

For students currently working through the FWS program, please contact:

Teresa H. Crafton
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
(478) 274-7833