One Week Post Graduation, OFTC’s Shavekia Davis Finds Career Success

Shavekia Davis, OFTC Graduate of Associate Degree in Business Technology, Finds Career Success

OFTC – Shavekia Davis has spent the majority of her career in warehousing and logistics. And while she always enjoyed her work, she knew she was made for more.

But because of her lack of education, she was constantly overlooked for administrative positions.

“My work ethic was there; I was hardworking and responsible. The problem was I couldn’t present myself on paper and was turned down for positions because they didn’t feel I had the skills,” Davis shared.

So, after her employer of 14 years closed, Davis knew now was her time to get the education she needed to go further in her career.

While considering her options, Davis decided to pursue an administrative career with a specialization in the medical field. She enrolled in Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) Business Technology program with a specialization in Medical Administrative Assistant.

“Business is a career field that offers many other career outlets,” Davis said. “I always had the desire to venture off and do something different, so when I saw the business technology program with the medical administrative assistant specialization, I knew it was a good fit.”

A Flexible & Caring Environment

After enrolling in the program, Davis knew she made the right decision.

“OFTC was a great fit for my career path because I was able to get the training I needed in less than two years,” she said.

And she’s loved every minute of the experience, including the ability to take online and in-person classes.

“I started off my journey taking classes on campus but going into my second semester I started working full time again and had to switch to online classes,” Davis shared. “It was very convenient for me because it allowed me to catch up on my assignments over the weekend.”

“The flexibility of being able to work and provide while striving to become a better me was great,” she added. “Having access to the online classes was the reason I was able to stay in school.”

The instructors were also a highlight of Davis’s experience.

“The instructors seemed genuinely concerned about the best interest of their students,” she said. “Their focus was the student and doing whatever it takes to help them achieve greatness and a better quality of life.”

Finding Career Success

After two years of hard work, Davis accomplished her goal – she graduated with her Associate Degree in Business Technology; she was now fully prepared to launch a new career.

“The feeling of finally accomplishing something I had been wanting to do for so long was indescribable,” she said, “and completing my program as an honor graduate made it even better.”

About a week after graduation, Davis attended a job fair at the Carl Vinson Veterans Affairs Medical Center (CVVAMC) in Dublin. She spent half her day learning about potential careers, meeting with employers, and participating in on-site interviews.

And before she left, she was offered a job within the VA’s Health Administrative Services as a Medical Support Assistant.

Davis started her new career in August – on her birthday – and has enjoyed being a part of a team that ensures patients receive the best possible care.

“I couldn’t believe that only a week after graduation, everything changed for me,” she said. “I had prayed to land a job in my field of study but had no idea it would be so quick. I am very thankful that God had other plans for me.”

“I can honestly say I have no regrets and making the decision to attend college at OFTC was one of the best decisions I’ve made,” Davis said. “Never give up on your dreams – they may get delayed, but they are never denied if you are willing to do the work.”

Now that she’s landed the career, Davis can look back and see clearly how OFTC helped prepare her for a seamless transition into the workforce. “All the tools that were provided to me and taught in the classroom are the same tools I use daily at my job,” she said. “The instructors at OFTC were dedicated to making sure I not only had the knowledge and skills, but the real-world qualities – like determination, motivation, leadership, and perseverance – to succeed.”

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