OFTC’s Ryan Brady Wires Up for Career as Maintenance/Industrial Electrician 

OFTC’s Ryan Brady Wires Up for Career as Maintenance/Industrial Electrician 

Growing up, Ryan Brady always wanted to be just like his dad. He always thought he would follow in his footsteps and become a lineman.  

And that was the plan. But then Brady learned of the Electrical Control Technology program at Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC), and everything changed.  

“When I heard OFTC had a program for industrial electricians I was interested in finding out more about it,” Brady said. “I always wanted to become a lineman, but the older I got, the more curious I became, and I wanted to try something a little bit different.”  

Electrical Control Technology 

Electrical Control technicians work on a variety of equipment and devices within a facility. They perform preventative maintenance on many of the electrical systems and controls used in industry today.  

Businesses and other organizations depend on complex electronic and electrical equipment for a variety of functions and cannot allow machinery to sit idle – that’s why industries need workers who are trained to install and repair electrical systems, calibrate equipment, inspect designs for quality control, and troubleshoot wiring issues. 

OFTC’s Electrical Control Technology program is taught in Sandersville and Dublin and can be completed in as little as three semesters. 

The OFTC Difference 

Brady enrolled in Electrical Control Technology classes at OFTC and immediately knew he made the right decision.  

“Not only was the college close by where I live, the people here were amazing,” he said. “Plus, the cost was affordable.”  

And when he got into the classroom, Brady felt at ease. “When I met my instructor, I knew we would be good friends in the classroom,” he said.  

The relationship with his instructor has really made a difference for Brady; the constant support and encouragement is one thing that gives him the confidence that he’ll learn the skills needed to be successful on the job.  

“If I have questions or there’s something I don’t get, my instructor is right there beside me, helping me through every step until I can do it on my own,” Brady shared. “He always tells me ‘The sky is the limit’ when I think I can’t do something, and it helps me strive to do better.” 

“It’s really a blessing to have the help and people who surround you at OFTC,” he added. “They really do make you want to do better and strive for more.”  

Hands-On Skills 

Tha Electrical Control Technology classes are very hands-on, something that was attractive to Brady when he first learned about the program.  

“The hands-on training I get in the lab is vital,” Brady said. “Every assignment we do gives you a real-world example of this work; and having the opportunity to do something with my hands helps me learn better.”  

Brady is only a few classes away from completing his program of study and garnering the skills to become qualified as a maintenance/industrial electrician.  

“My plans are to find a good company to work for where I can grow and learn,” he said. “I want to work somewhere where I know I’m helping people and not just there for a paycheck.”  

“I think everyone should at least look into OFTC as an option for furthering their education,” he added, “because they might be surprised by the opportunities available here.”  

For more info on the Electrical Control Technology Program or other 130+ programs available at OFTC, visit the college’s website, OFTC.edu.