OFTC’s Keyaundria Livatt Trains for Career as Cosmetologist & Salon Owner 

Keyaundria Livatt, OFTC Cosmetology student.

Keyaundria Livatt always had a passion for the beauty industry and helping people feel good about themselves. And when faced with an opportunity to choose a new career path, she knew she wanted it to be in cosmetology.  

“I’ve been selling hair for over three years now and I knew I wanted to further my education in this industry and learn not only more about hair, but about how to style it,” Livatt shared. 

Her entrepreneur mindset led Livatt to think of ways to expand her hair business which turned into the dream of owning her own salon where she educates her clients on the self-care maintenance of their beauty. 

“I love helping people embrace their beauty,” she said, “and I want to help others find ways to feel comfortable and confident in themselves.”  

Pursuing Her Dream 

Livatt enrolled in Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) Cosmetology program and immediately knew she made the right decision.  

“I found my classes at OFTC to be very hands-on which helped me learn in a way that I’ll never forget the information,” she said. “Learning this way allows me to not only gain an understanding of what’s being taught, but it equips me with the skills to actually do it and apply it to real life.”  

Not only has the learning style embraced by OFTC been beneficial to Livatt, but the people she’s encountered have also been instrumental to her success, she says.  

“The entire staff at OFTC is driven to help students achieve success beyond their degrees and diplomas; they recognize those things are just the starting point!”  

“OFTC was a saving grace for me,” she added. “It’s a place where doors of opportunities are opened; a place that allows anyone to create their own path in life and follow the desires of their hearts. That’s what OFTC did for me and it’s exactly what I needed.”  

Confident in Her Training 

Livatt is determined to reach her goals and knows the courses she’s taking – like salon management – are going to help her get there.  

“I am just extremely grateful for all the staff at OFTC who have played a part in my success,” Livatt said. “I’ve had many people make an impact in my life, but my instructor, Mrs. Lisa Jones, has taught me the greatest lessons ever; not just about cosmetology but about life. She has a passion for her what she does and for her students and I know she’s equipping me with the knowledge and skills to be successful in this industry.”  

Livatt is in her final semester of the program and is months away from being eligible to take the licensure exam to become a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Georgia.  

For more info on OFTC’s Cosmetology program, visit the college’s website, OFTC.edu