OFTC’s Devonte Brown Furthers Education, Expands Knowledge & Prepares for Promotion Possibilities

OFTC – After working around industrial machinery for years, Devonte Brown decided he wanted to learn everything he could about how to operate the high-tech equipment he was responsible for maintaining. 

He’s currently employed as a maintenance technician at Trane in Vidalia and wants to expand his knowledge and skills to prepare for promotion possibilities.  

“I love the electrical world,” Brown shared. “I’m very curious about how certain tools work and how machines operate on a computer.”  

And the more he thought about expanding his knowledge in this area, the more he wanted to do it.  

“If not now, when?” he asked himself. “Employers are hiring now. They’re looking for candidates with the skills and those who are willing to learn more.”  

The Right Fit  

Confident that now was the right time, Brown decided to enroll in the Industrial Mechanics program at Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC).  

Devonte Brown

OFTC offered a convenient location, a friendly campus that was easy to navigate, and flexible classes that allowed Brown to keep his full-time job.  

Since enrolling in the industrial classes at OFTC, Brown says one of the things he enjoys most is the hands-on approach to learning. 

“All the labs are set up like real life situations,” Brown shared. “I enjoy the opportunities this allows for trial and error; if you make a mistake or set something up wrong, it automatically tells you and you must figure out how to fix it. This allows you to make mistakes before you get out in the real world.”  

“The classes are flexible,” he added, “which allow me to work at my own pace and create a schedule that works around my job.”  

A Bright Future 

Brown is close to completing his Industrial Mechanical Diploma and is excited about his future. “I hope to use my new skills to move up with my current employer,” he said.  

“I hope others will take the time to see how great OFTC truly is,” he added. “It may be a smaller college environment, but it carries a huge impact on your life for the good. I am so glad I chose OFTC to help me further my education to go further in my career in industrial mechanics.”  

To learn more about OFTC’s Industrial Mechanics program, or the other 130+ programs available, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu


OFTC is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia.