Motivated by her Son, Tracey Darrisaw Furthers Education in Pursuit of Business Career

Tracey Darrisaw pursues business technology program

Sandersville, Ga., (OFTC) –Tracey Darrisaw had big dreams of owning her own business. But after being out of the classroom for over 30 years, the thought of returning to school made her nervous.

However, after watching her son graduate with his associate degree and return to college to further his education toward a bachelor’s degree, Darrisaw was motivated to go after her own dreams.

“I was familiar with Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) and the types of programs they offered,” Darrisaw shared. She currently works as an admissions assistant on the Sandersville Campus where she walks students through the admissions process.

“Every day I work with students who’ve decided it’s time to chase their dreams, and I finally realized I needed to look past my own fears in order to pursue the things I’ve always wanted to do,” Darrisaw said. “I knew if I was going to open my own business, I needed to further my skills in the business field, so, I enrolled in the Business Technology program at OFTC.”

Business Technology

OFTC’s Business Technology programs prepare students for employment in a variety of positions in today’s technology-driven workplaces. Students enrolled in this program are introduced to a variety of business areas including accounting fundamentals, electronic communications, internet research, and electronic file management.

Students are also taught effective communication skills and technologies that encompass office management and executive assistant qualifications and technology innovations for the office. Also provided are opportunities to upgrade present knowledge and skills in the area of business technology.

Classes are taught in various formats, offering students in-person, online, and hybrid class options.

Making it Work

OFTC was convenient for Darrisaw because they offered the flexibility she needed to further her education while working a full-time job. “They offer the ability to do face-to-face or online classes, and the campus is in a good location,” she said. “And when I got into my classes, I saw how convenient the online format was for my schedule.”

Darrisaw says she enjoys her instructors and their willingness to assist whenever needed. She’s also confident the skills she’s learning will translate into a successful business one day. “My classes are teaching me computer and business-related material and I’m learning a lot of things I didn’t know how to do like creating tables and graphs, and processing documents,” she said.  

Excited for what the future holds, Darrisaw is confident in her decision to further her education and pursue a title she’s always wanted– business owner.

“OFTC is a great college and I hope that people who are thinking about starting college for the first time or those who want to create more opportunities for themselves in their current career will consider OFTC. I did, and it’s been such a great experience for me.”

To learn more about OFTC’s Business Technology program or the 130+ other programs available, visit the college’s website, OFTC is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia.