Hopeful Business Owner Rebekah Brown Trains for Career in Diesel Equipment Technology

After obtaining her Class A Commercial Driver’s License, Rebekah Brown hit the road. But what started as a job turned into something more – a love for the diesel equipment she drove.  

“Once I started driving, I knew that I wanted to learn and know more about anything related to trucks or diesel equipment,” Brown said.  

After giving her future some thought, she decided she wanted to own a small business where she could work on and service her own diesel trucks and equipment. But first, she needed training.  

Skills Training 

A former graduate of Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) Adult Education program, Brown was familiar with the college. She enrolled in the Diesel Equipment Technology Program and was confident that OFTC was the right place to acquire the needed skills to be successful in the fast-growing diesel industry.  

OFTC Diesel student, Rebekeh Brown
OFTC Diesel student, Rebekeh Brown

“The hands-on aspect of my classes at OFTC is so beneficial,” she said. “Hands-on engages both sides of the brain, and the opportunity I have to learn this way is only going to make me better at my job one day.”

Brown says she enjoys the small class sizes at OFTC and the interaction that allows with her instructor.  

“Mr. Brent is a great teacher, and I think having a teacher who cares is going to make a huge difference in helping me become successful,” she said. “I’m going to make sure I learn everything I can while I’m here.”  

A Nontraditional Career 

As a female preparing to enter a male dominated industry, or a nontraditional career, Brown says she doesn’t think gender should play a role in her career path. “I think the diesel equipment field promises a good career,” she said.

“Electrical wires and diesel equipment don’t care what gender their technician is. I want to be part of the change and maybe inspire other females who want to further themselves in diesel equipment technology or any other male dominated industry.”  

After completing the Diesel Equipment Technology Diploma, Brown plans to return to OFTC and add to her skills by earning her Diesel Engine Service Technician Technical Certificate of Credit.  

“OFTC has been a great experience for me,” she said. “The staff are excellent, and it’s a nice, clean, and safe environment. If someone needs to start, finish, or further their education toward a career, they should definitely choose OFTC.”  

“I’m so proud to be pursuing this career path,” Brown added, “and I hope people will remember to never let anything or anyone stop them from pursuing whatever career path they choose in life.”  

To learn more about OFTC’s Diesel Equipment Technology program, or the other 130+ programs available, visit the college’s website, OFTC.edu