Helping Others Motivates Josey to Pursue Career in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Masheiva Josey is pursuing a career in diagnostic medical sonography at OFTC.

Mother of five, Masheiva Josey decided it was finally time to pursue her own dreams – a career in diagnostic medical sonography.

She has spent her entire adult life with a mission of helping others; and as a mother, she’s perfected the art of selflessness.

But after her two oldest daughters left for college, Josey realized something. Her children were growing into beautiful young ladies and gentlemen and didn’t need her as much as they used to.

“I know that I have not reached my potential yet,” Josey shared. “There’s more for me to do! I realized it was time for me to branch out and I decided to go back to school to pour all that I have into something new.”

After working in early childhood education and cosmetology, Josey wanted to do something different, but still meaningful.

“Helping others has always been my strong suit, so why change now,” Josey said. “I decided to give Diagnostic Medical Sonography a try. This is just another way I can help people and pour into their lives.”

Choosing OFTC

Familiar with Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC), Josey applied for admission and started taking the required core classes to compete for the college’s competitive Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.

“OFTC has given me the best education,” she said. “It’s affordable, the small class sizes allow the teachers to focus on every student, and students have the freedom to adapt to their surroundings without feeling lost. When I complete my program and graduate from OFTC, I know I’ll be trained in my career to be the very best at what I do.”

The instructors Josey’s encountered in the classroom have truly made a lasting impression.

“My teachers see so much potential in me, and that’s what pushes me to continue to do my best,” she shared. “Now, I have the courage to see the potential in myself.”

“OFTC has built confidence in me and given me the strength to keep striving to be the best I can be,” she added.

The flexible atmosphere at OFTC is another aspect that sets the college apart for Josey. “They work with your work hours or if you have kids, and they allow someone like me to feel comfortable coming back to college.”

Chasing A Dream

Determined to succeed, Josey continues to get closer to accomplishing the first goal of her new dream –being accepted into OFTC’s sonography program. And even though it’s been challenging, she looks to her family for motivation.

“I have a son with Asperger’s; he’s taught me so much these past 11 years – to never give up, to put 100% in everything I do, and to keep striving. So, that’s what I’m doing,” she said. “My children and teachers motivate me to pursue my career in medical sonography, and I know with them by my side I can tackle anything that comes my way.”

Josey will continue to take the required core classes needed to apply to the program and hopes to be accepted into the college’s 2023 fall semester cohort.

“My overall experience at OFTC has exceeded any expectations,” Josey shared. “I started school simply trying to get an education, but now it’s more than that. OFTC builds character; it motivates you. I’ve grown as a person and a student. OFTC brings out the best in you, you’ve just got to be willing to put in the work.”

And without a doubt, Josey’s all but shown she’s dedicated and willing to put in the work to meet her goals.

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