Hands-on Experience Prepares Bridget Beck to become a Registered Radiologic Technologist

Bridget Beck choose OFTC for hands-on career in radiologic technology & little to no debt

After watching her sibling attend a 4-year university and leave saddled with student loan debt, Bridget Beck decided she would pursue a different route – a hands-on education that would almost guarantee a job after graduation with little to no debt.

After a quick search online for colleges in Dublin, Beck came across Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC).

“I started surfing through the website and was impressed with the number of degree and certificate programs offered – OFTC had the most options out of any other college around Dublin,” Beck shared. “It is amazing to see all the different programs OFTC offers students. Students can earn their full degrees or transfer their credits; the options for students at OFTC are endless.”

She started looking at the Radiologic Technology program and was pleased to learn she was only missing a few college credits to be eligible to apply for the program.

The more she learned about the program, the more she was drawn to it as a future career. She says it happened on a whim, but suddenly, it clicked; Beck knew she wanted to become a Radiologic Technologist (RT).

“The best thing about the radiology field is that registered technologists have endless opportunities to further their education and go into different modalities,” Beck said. “I know I’ll never get bored in this field.”

After reaching out to the radiologic technology instructors at OFTC, Beck applied and was accepted to the college. She finished the required prerequisite courses and applied and was accepted into the radiologic technology program last December.

“Finding OFTC and realizing the opportunities available in radiologic technology has set me up for a successful future,” Beck said. “OFTC is an exceptional option for anyone searching for affordable education. I’m grateful for the opportunity to receive my education debt-free.”

The OFTC Difference

After starting classes in the RT program, Beck knew she made the right decision to enroll at OFTC and pursue a career in radiology.

“At other colleges, I’ve sat through hours of lectures where the instructor blandly speaks the entire time with no feedback from the class,” she said. “However, at OFTC, every class is an open discussion led by the instructor, directed toward the course material. The instructor holds the class’s attention and engages them in the lesson.”

“This made such a difference for me,” she added.

She’s also noted a difference in her relationships with instructors and fellow classmates. “I feel comfortable asking questions during class and if I don’t understand the material, I know there will be someone to help me.”

And while the instructors’ engagement and relationships formed have been impactful for Beck, the single attribute to make the biggest difference in her educational experience has been the various opportunities for hands-on experience.

Students in the radiology program attend clinicals three times a week at various hospitals and imaging centers where they perform the work of a RT under the supervision and observation of a registered RT.

“OFTC is not a school-based college; it’s a work-based college,” Beck said. “Of course, we have classes, but the classroom cannot teach the soft skills needed in the workplace. Only the workplace can teach you that. And that’s what we get when we participate in the clinical experience.”

A Future RT

Beck has two semesters left before she graduates and is excited about her future. She hopes one day she can provide future RTs with the same level of training she’s received from her instructors.

“After completing the radiology program at OFTC, I hope to further my education through one of OFTC’s articulation agreements and earn my bachelor’s degree,” she said. “I plan on working while earning my degree to gain experience, and eventually become an instructor for a radiology program.”

What started out as a simple online search for local colleges turned into the best decision Beck could ever make – an opportunity to learn a skill that will allow her to support herself and help others.

For those focused on obtaining a career after graduation, Beck says to consider a college like OFTC.

“I could not be more impressed with the education I am receiving at OFTC,” she said. “Choosing OFTC is possibly one of the best decisions I ever made. The quality of the education surpasses any other college I have attended, and I’m almost positive that the work-based learning style will secure me a job after graduation, which is the purpose of obtaining an education to begin with.”

“I am so grateful that my path led me to this program at this college,” she added. “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are in life, how much money you have, or how many times you’ve failed; OFTC is here to help students further their education.”

After completing the program in May, Beck will be eligible to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Exam; and once she passes she’ll officially become a Registered Radiologic Technologist.

To learn more about OFTC’s 130+ programs of study or the Radiologic Technology program, visit the college’s website, OFTC.edu.