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Login Assistance

Where can I find my OFTC Email Address and  login information?

Once you have been accepted for admission, you will receive an email from, containing your student ID, username and password. If you did not receive one, please check your spam/junk folder for this email around the same date you were accepted.

Your instructor or advisor can also help you find your email address.

How Do I Get a Student Email Account?

An email account is created for all credit students when they are accepted at OFTC. That email account will be maintained until a student has not registered for classes for two (2) consecutive terms.

The email prefix is determined by a student’s Banner 3rd party ID which is auto-generated by Banner when they are entered into Banner. Their email address will be in the form of and the initial password will be an 8-character randomly generated password mailed to the student.

Email Login URL:
Login: email address
Default Password: 8-character password.

Need Help Accessing Your Student Email Account?

Optional steps for mobile devices:

Instructions on how to setup your iOS (Apple) device to receive e-mail with Office 365: Reconfigure iOS/Apple

Instructions on how to setup your Android device to receive e-mail with Office 365: Reconfigure Android

**PLEASE NOTE ** Changing your BannerWeb pin does NOT change your email password or vice versa. These are completely separate systems.

About Microsoft OneDrive

To learn more about Microsoft OneDrive, visit our OneDrive Information Page.

For issues that cannot be resolved by your instructor or advisor OR if you cannot remember your password, please contact the IT Department for assistance.

*Please include a good contact phone number in your email
as passwords WILL NOT be sent via email.
Phone: All Campuses 478-274-7873