Information for Parents / Family

Do you wonder whether education after high school is necessary or a good fit for your child? You can help your child pursue their interests, go to college and find a rewarding career.

Why should they go?

More education can make a huge difference in your life — and your family’s. It can open doors of opportunity, financially and personally.

More Education = More Opportunity!

What can you do?

There are a few basic things you can do to help your child prepare to continue their education. Of course, every family situation is unique. There may be only so much you can do, based on your work schedule, your financial situation and other family commitments. The important thing is that you stay involved and offer meaningful help where and when you can.

  • Ask about their future plans and career interests.
  • Encourage them to visit OFTC and learn about their programs of study and their employment opportunities.
  • Discover career interests following OFTC’s “Finding Your Career Path” and talk with an Admissions Specialist. They can help you find a career that is right for your child and make a plan to achieve it!
  • Allow them to do the work and learn the great feeling of a job well done.
  • Celebrate their accomplishments.

What does college at OFTC cost?

When it comes to dealing with the cost, there’s no need to get stressed out, because for most families, financial aid resources are available.

Oconee Fall Line Technical College offers a comprehensive program of financial aid for students enrolled to earn a degree, diploma or a certificate. The various financial aid programs are funded by Federal and state funds. Please call OFTC’s Financial Aid Office in Sandersville at (478) 553-2131 or in Dublin at (478) 274-7833 or 478-274-7940. You can also stop by the campus nearest you to learn about your options. Additional information on financial aid is available in online.