Admissions for Returning Students

Join us for your academic endeavor.

Students who have a break in enrollment from Oconee Fall Line Technical College for three or more semesters must complete the following:

Step One

Submit a completed application to the Admissions Office. (No application fee is required of former credit-seeking students).

Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States is required for students applying for in-state tuition.

If you have any questions, you can call us at (478) 553-2064 or (478) 274-7837.

Step Two

Meet current admission requirements for the selected program of study at the time of readmission. These requirements can be found in the OFTC Catalog & Handbook.

Step Three

Submit all post-secondary official transcripts of schools attended since previous enrollment at Oconee Fall Line Technical College.

Step Four

Reapply for financial aid, if applicable, at the website. Consult with a Financial Aid representative to determine your eligibility.

Step Five

You will need to attend registration and orientation if you are a new, returning, or transfer student. Your acceptance letter will indicate your registration/orientation location and date.

Additional information on Admissions is available in the OFTC Catalog.